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All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC) 1937 - 2018 (Full Set-12 Vols) + Cons. Tables and Index (1937-2018)


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All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC) 1937 - 2018 (Full Set-12 Vols) + Cons. Tables and Index (1937-2018)
Oct 2019
Full Set 12 Vols (Hardback)

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The All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC) 1937 - 2018 (Full Set 12 Vols) + Consolidated Tables and Index (1937-2018) reports revenue law cases decided in Malaysia commencing from the Special Commissioners of Income Tax, up to the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. It is the first of its kind in attempting to report all revenue cases decided in Malaysia, complemented by a complete yet concise case summary of each decision highlighting the legal principles involved, and the application of the legislation relevant to the issues in contention. Wherever applicable, cross-references are made to the corresponding appeal to the higher courts and its final decision. It includes a wide spectrum of tax law ranging from income tax, real property gains tax, investment incentives, stamp duty, Labuan tax etc.

AMTC is a must for those in the tax and accounting field, legal practice as well as academics and students pursuing their education in accounting and tax, as it will help with research and enable the proper application and understanding of the legal issues that arise.
Readership: Tax practitioners, tax agents, legal counsel, financial consultants, academics and students
  • Clear headnotes which provide a quick summary of the case
  • Parallel citations where available
  • Cross-referencing
  • Case annotations


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