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Public International Law: A Practical Approach, Fifth Edition


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Public International Law: A Practical Approach, Fifth Edition
Sep 2023
DUO (Paperback + ProView eBook), 660 pp

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About the Book

This fifth edition of Public International Law: A Practical Approach offers a thorough exploration of the evolving landscape of international law, incorporating the latest developments, landmark decisions and scholarly contributions. Keeping pace with the dynamic nature of international law, this book of 16 comprehensive chapters includes the latest landmark decisions of the International Court of Justice (“ICJ”) and other international courts and tribunals, along with newly adopted international conventions.
Each chapter includes topical discussions supplemented by authoritative treaties or conventions and brief facts for leading cases, enabling readers to grasp the context surrounding key decisions. The text has been meticulously reviewed for clarity and precision, besides making sure the most up-to-date and relevant information is delivered concisely. The footnotes and bibliography have been updated to include the most recent scholarly writings, reflecting the current authoritative references.
An important addition to this edition is a new Chapter 16 which delves into the topic of international criminal law. This new chapter caters to the growing interest in the complex realm of public international law. This edition takes into account the current and ever-changing geopolitical situations, exploring recent international affairs such as the rise of China as an emerging superpower, the South China Sea disputes, the rivalry between the US and China, the assertiveness of Russia, the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, the Syrian crisis, and the Rohingya Genocide Case before the ICJ.
With its practical approach and updated content, this edition is sure to be an invaluable resource serving as a comprehensive text on public international law for students, scholars and practitioners alike.
Key Features
  • Incorporates the latest developments, landmark decisions, and scholarly contributions
  • Thorough exploration of the evolving landscape of international law
  • New chapter on international criminal law
  • Discusses recent geopolitical affairs: the rise of China, South China Sea disputes, US-China rivalry, assertiveness of Russia, Ukrainian conflict, Syrian crisis, and Rohingya Genocide Case
  • Text, footnotes and bibliography meticulously reviewed for clarity, precision and up-to-date information
  • Written by an expert professor with more than 50 years of experience in teaching and researching international law. 


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