Personal Injury Reports (Consolidated Tables 2019-2023)


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Personal Injury Reports (Consolidated Tables 2019-2023)
Apr 2024
Hardback, 828 pp


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 About the Book

The Personal Injury Reports (PIR) contains thousands of decisions and awards on claims arising from personal injury and death. The cases reported cover a wide range of awards by the Sessions Courts and the Magistrates’ Courts, as well as by the High Court and the Court of Appeal.
This volume of the PIR Consolidated Tables has been prepared to serve as a complete and handy reference to all cases that have been reported in the Personal Injury Reports from 2019 to 2023. This volume, together with its prior companion volumes, the PIR Consolidated Tables 2007–2012 and the PIR Consolidated Tables 2013–2018, provides a complete and comprehensive key to unlock all the information contained in the Personal Injury Reports. The tables and information have been carefully arranged and structured to enhance quick, easy research.
For ease of reference, the PIR Consolidated Tables 2019–2013 is divided into four parts, namely:
  • Anatomical Illustrations: This section contains illustrations of the anatomy and serves as an informative reference for the identification of the various parts of the anatomy and the types of fracture.
  • Table of Reported Cases (Alphabetical): The Alphabetical Table of Reported Cases presents all the cases alphabetically according to the actual reported case name and the parties’ names in reverse. This enables quick research through the name of any one party.
  • Table of Reported Cases (By Court): This is an alphabetical listing of cases determined by the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the Sessions Court and the Magistrates’ Court.
  • Quantum Table: The Quantum Table is a concise listing and quick reference guide of awards that have been made by the courts. The awards are arranged according to the type of injury, and citations are included for cross-referencing to the specific cases in the published volumes of the Personal Injury Reports.
The PIR Consolidated Tables 2019–2013 is a resource that will complement the successful practice of every personal injury practitioner.



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