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Companies Act (Cap. 50, 2006 Revised Ed.)


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Companies Act (Cap. 50, 2006 Revised Ed.)
Mar 2015

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The Companies (Amendment) Act 2014 (Act No. 36 of 2014) was passed by Parliament on 8 October 2014. It brings forth wide-ranging amendments to the Companies Act (Cap. 50, 2006 Revised Ed.) which have not yet come into force.

This volume makes available the full text of the Companies Act as is currently in force, complemented with the amendments made by Act No. 36 of 2014 and relevant amendment notes (both of Act No. 36 of 2014 and of earlier amending legislation dating back to 1987). A brief summary of the nature and effect of the amendments introduced by Act No. 36 of 2014 is presented at the beginning of this volume.

Each amended provision which is not yet in force is clearly presented in italic type within a shaded box at the relevant part of the Act.

This volume is fully up-to-date and may be confidently used now and after the amended provisions have been brought into force.


  • Instructive summary of amendments made by Act No. 36 of 2014
  • Fully up-to-date text of Act currently in force
  • Provisions amended/substituted by Act No. 36 of 2014
  • Amendment notes, which include the text of provisions which have been previously deleted or substituted
  • List of Amendment Acts together with in-force dates
  • Clear guides assist the reader to locate a specific section or Part of the Act quickly and efficiently


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