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Media Law in Singapore (4th Edition)

With the continued growth of the Singapore media and entertainment industry, the fourth edition of this title not only updates the laws relevant to this industry, it expands into discussions of the practical application of these laws and regulations in the framework of managing media production. It is hoped that this enhances the primary purpose of this book in acting as a concise and practical reference guide for media students and practitioners.

The Annotated Singapore Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act

The Annotated Singapore Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act provides section by section annotations of a popular and consistently moving body of law. 

Since its passing, the Act has undergone a comprehensive review that started in 2012 and resulted in the Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Amendment) Act 2017. Key amendments made are those that deal with the definition of “common property”, installation of safety equipment by subsidiary proprietors, representation in council, procedures in relation to general meetings and resolutions required for certain decisions, all of which are concerns and matters frequently encountered by subsidiary proprietors, occupiers, council members and managing agents.

The objective of this annotated guide to the Act is to provide laypersons and industry practitioners with information and insights into the legislative intent and interpretation of the provisions of the Act. Each provision of the Act provides a background with explanation and guidance on its interpretation. References have been made to landmark decisions of the Courts or Strata Titles Boards, and for some provisions, answers to frequently asked questions and illustrations have been provided.

The Law of Evidence in Singapore, Third Edition

Law of Evidence in Singapore provides you with a holistic view on Evidence Law in the Singapore jurisdiction. 

Criminal Appeals in Singapore

Criminal Appeals in Singapore is a comprehensive, practical and authoritative guide to the law and practice of criminal appeals in Singapore. This book provides a step-by-step account of criminal appeals for all the criminal courts in Singapore and includes flow charts for improved usability.  

Arbitration in Singapore - A Practical Guide, Second Edition

Produced by the who''s who of the arbitral fraternity

The general editorial team, comprising Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Mr Francis Xavier, SC, Mr Chong Yee Leong and Prof Lucy Reed, hail from Singapore - the third-most preferred venue for international arbitration in the world. 

International Arbitration in Singapore: Legislation and Materials

The first analysis of Singapore international arbitration legislation and materials

This all-in-one reference text draws together, for the first time, all the international arbitration legislation in Singapore - annotated with a detailed analytical commentary, together with a comprehensive collection of related laws and materials.

Law & Practice of Injunctions, Interim Measures and Search Orders in Singapore, 1st

The ideal starting point for all practitioners covering the broad range of injunctions in one volume

The SICC Handbook - A Guide to the Rules and Procedures of the Singapore International Commercial Court

The Singapore International Commercial Court serves to entrench Singapore''s position as the premier dispute resolution hub in Asia. The SICC Handbook is the first comprehensive textbook on the subject; it is handy and convenient guide to the rules and procedure of the SICC.

Law of Trade Marks in Singapore, 4th Edition

This title provides an authoritative and insightful commentary on the entire range of issues concerning trade marks in Singapore, including those generated by the Internet and social media. This work has been substantially updated to accommodate the new cases and legislative developments over the past seven years since the third edition.

Civil Litigation in Singapore

This book is an essential reference for civil litigation practice in Singapore. Prepared to unparalleled quality of expert contributors, many of whom are senior counsel in leading law practices, it provides thorough, in-depth and well-researched guidance for the successful practice of civil litigation.

Law and Practice of Commercial Litigation in Singapore

Commercial litigation is one of the busiest areas of practice in Singapore with the commercial court developig its own unique nuances. Law & Practice of Commercial Litigation in Singapore provides an in-depth, comprehensive and practical look at the practice of commercial litigation.

Personal Injury Tables Singapore 2021

This book contains actuarial tables for use in personal injury and fatal accident cases in Singapore. The value of these tables lies in the scientific basis upon which loss is estimated, and using them is akin to having expert witness evidence to guide the court in its decision. 

Major Issues in Company Law 4th Edition (with PRC Chinese and English Comparative Law Notes)

This book is a comprehensive reference that provides a comparative analysis of Company Law in two jurisdictions, in both England and China. It covers issues relating to mergers and acquisitions involving public listed and non listed entities, insider trading and market manipulation, debt and equity financing for companies, corporate structure, management and joint ventures, duties and obligations of company directors for both countries.

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Singapore Precedents of Pleadings

This book provides an essential guide to drafting pleadings and related documents. It offers authoritative and structured precedents for the preparation of pleadings and other court documents complete with guiding commentary across both mainstream and specialist areas of practice.


Construction Contracts Dictionary, 2nd Edition

This dictionary has been cited in a number of leading decisions in Singapore and Malaysia and it consists of a readily accessible A – Z glossary of definitions of construction contract terms.

Elements of Construction Law in Singapore, 3rd Edition

Elements of Construction Law in Singapore is a readable book written for professionals, contractors and other stakeholders in the construction industry. It is particularly useful for students studying the subject.

Commercial Transactions in Singapore: The Law and Model Documents, 4th Edition

Formerly known as Model Commercial Contracts and Letters, this revised and enhanced book aims to provide practical assistance in matters regarding the drafting of contracts and letters, to the various individuals who play different roles in a corporate structure. Each chapter begins with an introductory text, or a short commentary of the current law, and proceeds to suggest how letters and contracts may be prepared. Where appropriate, the use of forms and precedents and suggested checklists are discussed in greater detail.


Major Issues in Shipping Law (with PRC and English Comparative Notes)

There is a lack of locally produced texts to educate new practitioners to the shipping sectors. The subject of shipping has a broad prospect and vast evolutional nature either in technology or commercial, the acquisition of shipping knowledge should never be deemed sufficient or adequate. The book aims to explain the fundamentals of the complex issues arising in shipping law.

Law of Intellectual Property of Singapore, 2nd Ed

There have been many important developments since its last revised edition. It is imperative that Legal practitioners and students in Singapore are fully aware of these developments. Comprehensive text covering every aspect of IP in Singapore.

SOP Casebook, A Commentary on Building and construction Industry Security of Payment Act

The book has been written for busy professionals in the construction industry. It summarises the respective legal position of the claimants and respondents as declared by the selected court decisions in an easy to read format.

Singapore Construction Adjudication Review Series, Vol. 1

Sweet & Maxwell brings to you the most comprehensive and authoritative set of adjudication determinations made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act, enacted in 2005 to improve cash-flow by helping to speed up payment in the building and construction industry.

Singapore Construction Adjudication Review Series, Vol. 2

Sweet & Maxwell brings to you the most comprehensive and authoritative set of adjudication determinations made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act, enacted in 2005 to improve cash-flow by helping to speed up payment in the building and construction industry.

Singapore Construction Adjudication Review Series, Vol. 3

Sweet & Maxwell brings to you the most comprehensive and authoritative set of adjudication determinations made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act, enacted in 2005 to improve cash-flow by helping to speed up payment in the building and construction industry.

Business Guide to Competition Law - Managing Your Risks

This Guide aims to help Singapore businesses understand competition principles and how to comply with the law so that businesses can avoid the significant risks of infringement which can adversely affect their financial position and reputation.

Walter Woon on Company Law, 3rd (revised)

Walter Woon on Company Law (Revised Third Edition) is an indispensable reference. As a standard text, this book surpasses all others in its depth and coverage of the subject matter.

Essentials of Corporate Law & Governance in Singapore, 2nd Edition

Your Practical Handbook to Corporate Law & Governance in Singapore
The first and only source of practical procedures to corporate law and corporate governance, covering up to and including the most recent changes since 2018.
A high standard of corporate governance is essential to continue building Singapore’s reputation as a regional and global hub for businesses. Over the last two decades, Singapore companies have greatly progressed in their corporate governance practices. However, businesses now operate in an increasingly complex environment, with disruptive changes challenging traditional business models. It is of paramount importance for Singapore companies to steadily uplift and improve their own corporate governance practices, not only in letter but also in spirit, in order to stay ahead in this business environment. In the local regulatory landscape, the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance has undergone a major revision in August 2018 and some corporate governance disclosures and practices are now mandatory. With the enactment of new legislation including the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018 and Variable Capital Companies Act 2018 and the passing of amendment acts, the Companies Act of 1967 has also been amended many times. Finally, Singapore courts have issued landmark judgements in the area of company law, such as Independent State of Papua New Guinea v PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd [2020] 2 SLR 200 and Miao Weiguo v Tendcare Medical Group Holdings Pte Ltd [2021] SCGA 116.
Essentials of Corporate Law and Governance in Singapore brings together and highlights the key issues in company law and governance in Singapore today. Written by an author with vast experience in this area, the book discusses the applicable law and practice with clarity and keen regard for practical considerations, supported by the latest case law of the Singapore courts. Besides making extensive references to the relevant current legislation and Code of Corporate Governance 2018, the discussion also considers the latest Singapore Financial Reporting Standards and the applicable provisions from the SGX Mainboard and catalist Rulebooks.
The text is supplemented by useful comparative tables and summaries of regulatory guidelines. These include:
• Comparison of Table A/Model Constitution of companies limited by shares
• Comparison between the Code of Corporate Governance 2018 and the Code of
Corporate Governance 2012 (new)
• Table of Companies Act offences and penalties (updated)
• Table of company changes and filing deadlines (updated)
• Table of legislative references and criminal penalties for breach of statutory
duties (updated)
• Comparative Table of Guidelines on Corporate Governance for Banks, Financial
Holding Companies and Direct Insurers incorporated in Singapore – 2021 vs.
2013 (new)
Law of Intellectual Property of Singapore (Revised 3rd Edition)

Since the publication of the second edition of Law of Intellectual Property of Singapore in 2014, there have been many important legal developments. The courts have continued to chart paths that diverge from other jurisdictions and there have been many fundamental changes to the legislative framework around Intellectual Property. In 2019 it was announced that the Copyright Act 1987 would be replaced by a brand new enactment and on 6 July 2021, the Copyright Bill was introduced in Parliament. This new legislation forms the basis of an entirely reworked section of the third edition book, Part 2 - Copyright.

This Revised 3rd Edition includes updates primarily concerned with IP-related legislative changes that were brought into force between July 2021 (the printing of the 3rd Edition) and 1 April 2022.

It is imperative that Legal Practitioners and students in Singapore are fully aware of these developments. Law of Intellectual Property of Singapore is a comprehensive text covering every aspect of Intellectual Property in Singapore.
Law & Practice of Family Law in Singapore (2nd Edition)

Law and Practice of Family Law in Singapore (2nd Edition) provides comprehensive coverage of Family Law written by a respected and authoritative team including judicial officers. The title incorporates legislative changes introduced in 2021 (divorce by mutual agreement) and 2022 (the new Adoption of Children Act). Fully updated to include the latest case law, the title provides a clear picture of the law and practice to family proceedings in the Family Court and High Court.

Singapore Civil Procedure 2022

Helmed by General Editor, Cavinder Bull S.C., this annual publication is annotated by some of the preeminent practitioners and Judges in the field. It is the leading title of its kind, presenting the most comprehensive coverage of Singapore Civil Procedure in both print and electronic format. This title provides the new Rules of Court in an annotated format and supplies supporting legislation and other material of significance.

Law of the Hong Kong Constitution, 3rd Edition

Since the publication of its celebrated first edition, Law of the Hong Kong Constitution is widely accepted as the leading text on the subject and an indispensable guide to the workings of the Basic Law. Written by a distinguished team of legal academics and specialist legal practitioners, it provides a detailed and unrivalled examination of every important aspect of Hong Kong’s constitutional arrangements, from the history of the territory’s constitutional development to the terms of Hong Kong’s autonomy, Hong Kong’s power to conduct its own external relations, the roles and powers of its Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the journey to democratisation and the right to judicial remedies under a fast evolving and often complex body of case-law.

The text has been cited with approval by the Judiciary, and provides insights on the development of different aspects of constitutional law in Hong Kong. Now fully updated, together with a discussion on the newly introduced National Security Law, the third edition retains the book’s original aim of providing a comprehensive and authoritative work on constitutional law in Hong Kong.


Singapore Civil Procedure 2021

Newly helmed by General Editor, Cavinder Bull S.C., this annual publication is annotated by some of the preeminent practitioners and Judges in the field. It is the leading title of its kind, presenting the most comprehensive coverage of Singapore Civil Procedure in both print and electronic format. This title provides the rules in an annotated format and supplies supporting legislation and other material of significance.

Mediation in Singapore: A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition

Mediation is a key pillar of the legal framework in Singapore, utilized both in a private setting and by the courts. This new edition of Mediation in Singapore provides comprehensive but practical detail of Mediation, written by industry heavyweights, General Editors, George Lim and Danny McFadden and contributed to by leading Singapore experts.

Amendments to the SOP Act

The SOP Amendment Act
A Commentary on the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Amendment) Act 2018

Since the passage of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (Cap 30B) or the SOP Act in 2004, the dispute resolution landscape in the construction industry has changed considerably. Each year between 400 and 500 adjudication applications are lodged and the statutory adjudication process is now the principal dispute resolution route for construction payment claim disputes.

In 2018, Parliament passed the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Amendment) Act 2018. The Amendment Act raises important changes to the operation of the statutory adjudication regime, including changes to the scope of contracts which comes under the Act and the provision for the claimant to now apply for a review of an adjudication determination. This work addresses a number of important issues arising from the amendments.

The authors are senior adjudicators and general editors of the Singapore Construction Adjudication Review, an established series of reports on adjudication determinations since 2005.
Legal Skills: A Complete Guide


The Definitive Guide on Legal Skills


  • Provides a user-friendly and practical step-by-step guide to the essentials of Singapore legal process, the tools available to excel and practical guidance on advocacy strategies.
  • Addresses the much-needed practice-ready skills gap for those transitioning from law school or foreign jurisdictions into the Singapore legal practice and is the first comprehensive guide written from the Singapore perspective.
  • Written in a clear and practical manner, Ms Sim Khadijah provides a unique perspective on what’s required to succeed in law early in your career from her background as Counsel, Assistant Registrar and Judge, with experience in private practice, public service and a skills trainer for NUS, SILE and SMC.

There exists a gap between what is taught in law schools and the skills that are actually needed in practice. Senior lawyers may not have the bandwidth to train and mentor their junior lawyers as much as they would prefer. As a result, these young lawyers are unable to maximise their true potential in the shortest time possible. This prompted the founding of the author’s legal skills training firm, Lacuna Training Solutions, the first of its kind, to fill the training gap.

Key features: Legal Research, Analysis, Written Advocacy, Oral Advocacy, ADR, General Skills in Legal Practice, and Additional Guidance for Law Students.

Law & Practice of Construction Contracts in Singapore, Fifth Edition

 “It is no overstatement to say that Mr Chow is the doyen of Singapore construction law and is perhaps the foremost authority on this topic.”

The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon
Supreme Court of Singapore
From the Foreword to the 5th Edition
Regarded as the leading title for construction practitioners over the past 25 years, the fifth edition incorporates ground-breaking decisions on jurisdictional issues while taking into consideration the newer editions of the major standard forms such as FIDIC 2017. It also provides a commentary on the Singapore Institute of Architects Building Contracts 2016.
Featured Court of Appeal decisions include:
Grouteam Pte Ltd v UES Holdings Pte Ltd (2016) 
Audi Construction Pte Ltd v Kian Hiap Construction Pte Ltd (2018)
Comfort Management Pte Ltd v OGSP Engineering Pte Ltd (2018)
Singapore Competition Act Annotations

The first competition annotation released in Singapore that encapsulates the changes made to the law up to April 2018.

Authored by a seasoned competition law practitioner from Drew & Napier, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the act.  
Elements of Construction Law in Singapore, 2nd

An entry-level guide to understanding the fundamentals of construction law

Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore, 2nd Edition

Law Relating to Specific Contracts in Singapore, 2nd Edition is an authoritative reference that covers contractual issues in most common commercial situations that practitioners are likely to encounter in their practice in Singapore.

Its breadth of coverage, scope and detail make it an indispensable treatise on the application of the law of contract in commercial transactions. This new edition includes copious citation of Singapore and foreign case authorities and a careful review of new statutory provisions. This comprehensive reference will continue to be the practitioner''s choice for authority and clarity of discussion.

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Singapore : A Modern Approach (2nd Edition)

An essential reference for anyone involved in trust marketing, structuring, client relationship management and administration.


Companies Act (Cap. 50, 2006 Revised Ed.)

The Companies (Amendment) Act 2014 (Act No. 36 of 2014) was passed by Parliament on 8 October 2014. It brings forth wide-ranging amendments to the Companies Act (Cap. 50, 2006 Revised Ed.) which have not yet come into force.

This volume makes available the full text of the Companies Act as is currently in force, complemented with the amendments made by Act No. 36 of 2014 and relevant amendment notes (both of Act No. 36 of 2014 and of earlier amending legislation dating back to 1987).

Business Law for the Night Entertainment Entrepreneur

First of its kind in Singapore, Business Law for the Night Entertainment Entrepreneur weaves through the myriad of business laws to bring the legal issues night entertainment business owners face into the spotlight.

Business owners who do not want to flout the laws and who wish to gain a better understanding of how business law applies in practice will find this book filled with useful insights.

Singapore Company Secretary's Practice (SCSP)

Singapore Company Secretary''s Practice (SCSP) is a comprehensive in-depth reference source for company secretaries. It covers everything company secretaries need to know when carrying out their day-to-day duties and provides guidance on more complex issues that they may encounter. It contains commentary, specimen minutes, and resolutions as well as full reproductions of prescribed forms, and selected guidelines and codes to help company secretaries understand and apply the requirements under company and securities law in fulfiling their obligations to their company and its officers.

2 volumes; 4 updates per year. 

The Hands On Guide - Company Secretarial Essentials Singapore (HOSCS)

The Hands On Guide - Company Secretarial Essentials Singapore (HOSCS) deals with the key issues company secretaries encounter. The guide addresses the workflow needs of company secretaries and filled wiht practical tips, examples, specimen forms, minutes, checklists and resolutions to assist the company secretaries in discharging their duties.
2 loose-leaf volumes; 4 updates per year.
Singapore Companies Legislation

Singapore Companies Legislation (SCL + SSL) which also included Singapore Securities Legislation offers current information on companies and securities laws, rules, orders, regulations, codes and guidelines in Singapore. Regular updates incorporate amendments made to these legislation with concise summaries of the section.

SCL 2 volumes; SSL 3 volumes.

Malaysian and Singapore Company & Securities Law cases

A law reporting service that focuses on company and securities law cases, this service publishes decisions of the courts in Malaysia and Singapore from 2014 onwards. Eight updates are included every year. To assist practitioners in these areas, the headnotes focus on company and securities law issues.

Malaysian and Singapore Company Law & Practice (MCSP)

Malaysian & Singapore Company Law & Practice (MSCP) is a comprehensive reference work on practising in these two jurisdictions. It is structured in a manner which allows you to go directly to key points. Summaries of recent developments affecting company law practice in both countries and reference to local, regional and international landmark cases is also included.

2 volumes; 4 updates per year.


This publication is a comprehensive reference work on company law and practice in these two jurisdictions.. Also included are summaries of recent developments affecting the company law regime in both countries with references to local, regional and international landmark cases.

Corporate Governance of Listed Companies in Singapore (2nd Edition)

A discussion of the deliberations of the Council on Corporate Disclosure and Governance (CCDG) on the new proposals to the 2012 Code including why some of the short comings of the 2005 Code (which were highlighted in the 1st edition) were adopted, rejected or adapted. And much more...

Am I At Risk of Being Sued? A Guide to Medical Negligence Law

In the course of medical practice, there is an ever-present risk of being sued.
While there is no way to guarantee that one will not be sued, a knowledge of medical negligence law can be helpful in reducing the risk.
Written by an author who is both a qualified doctor as well as a qualified lawyer, this book explores both the principles of medical negligence law (duty of care, standard of care, breach of duty and causation) and the position of the law specific to Singapore.
The book also draws on source material from Australia, Canada, England and the United Statesof America to provide a guide as to the current position of the law.
In addition, a number of illustrative cases that have arisen in the context of diagnosis, consentand treatment are highlighted.