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Sweet & Maxwell Malaysia Academic Library Essentials

Sweet & Maxwell have been inspiring students, academics and practitioners for over 200 years with authoritative legal content and commentary covering a range of subjects. Today we publish a wide range of student texts in both the core and optional subjects. Our extensive library of commentary-based services and practical tools are respected for their authority, breadth of coverage and currency.

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Civil Remedies, Second Edition (SE)
Format: Print

Civil Remedies provides a comprehensive exposition of the law on remedies applicable in contractual and commercial litigation in Malaysia. After almost 10 years, the book has updated significantly. In this second edition, the detailed exposition of the Malaysian position is greatly enhanced by a comparative analysis of English and Australian law.  

Companies Act 2016 with Subsidiary Legislation
Format: Print

This publication presents the full text of the Companies Act 2016 (Act 777) together with relevant subsidiary legislation to provide a comprehensive collection of company legislation. The Companies Act 2016 was amended with the passing of the Companies (Amendment) Act 2019 (Act A1605) by the Dewan Rakyat on July 10, 2019 and the Dewan Negara on July 31, 2019. Act A1605 came into force on January 15, 2020. The text of the Companies Act 2016 presented in this volume has been updated to include changes made by Act A1605. 
Contract Law in Malaysia (SE)
Format: Print

Contract Law in Malaysia is written with the aim of setting out the law of contract in Malaysia in a manner that is easily understood and further explaining the more challenging areas of the law. As the Contracts Act 1950 is in pari materia with the Indian Contract Act 1872 which is based on English common law, the positions under the common law and the Indian Contract Act are used as a starting point.  

Criminal Litigation Process, 3rd Edition (SE)
Format: Print

Written by and experienced criminal law practitioner, this book contains a wealth of knowledge that sheds light on the technicalities of the criminal litigation process in Malaysia. The text is presented in a lucid and readable manner and contains significant recent court decisions and new legislative developments. 

The Criminal Procedure Code: A Commentary, 2nd Edition, Student Edition
Format: Print

Written by an experienced criminal law practitioner, the latest edition of this book makes available clear and detailed section-by-section commentary on the Criminal Procedure Code. The principles of law developed through cases over the years are carefully distilled and summarised for the easy guidance of users. 

Essential Company Law in Malaysia: Navigating the Companies Act 2016 (SE)
Format: Print

Presenting the law in a clear and concise style, this book facilitates a quick understanding of the new Malaysian company law system. Regular reference is made to the provisions of the Companies Act 2016 to enable the reader to appreciate the statutory scheme regulating corporations in Malaysia. Illustrations are used to clarify concepts and cases are cited for reference. Comparison is made with the former scheme under the Companies Act 1965 where relevant and helpful comments are included to aid the analysis of more difficult areas of the law. 

Law for Business, Second Edition
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

Law for Business highlights the important principles, cases and legislative provisions governing this area of law to provide students and business professionals with a strong foundation in legal theory as well as the practical and applied aspects of the laws affecting trade and business activities in Malaysia. Where appropriate, a comparative approach between local and foreign law has been adopted to provide a critical analysis of the law.
This updated edition includes a new section on the sale of goods and consumer protection, and added material on the formation of companies. The content has also been enhanced with charts, case summaries and discussion questions. 
Law of Evidence in Malaysia, 2nd Edition, Student Edition
Format: Print

Law of Evidence in Malaysia, Second Edition provides a clear explanation of evidence law in Malaysia and includes regular citation of case authorities, both local and foreign to help in the understanding of the application of the provisions of the Evidence Act 1950. Presenting the development of the law through local court decisions, the book also usefully explains the differences between the common law and the legal position in Malaysia. 

Public International Law: A Practical Approach, Fourth Edition, Student Edition
Format: Print

Written by an experienced academician who has spent many years specialising in this area, this book presents clear insights into the Malaysian position on the various topics of international law in particular and the prevailing principles of international law in general. It covers the developments of international law over the recent years that were catalysed by new national and international statutes and judgments, as well as the recent change of the Malaysian Government. 
Administrative Law in Malaysia (SE)
Format: Print

Administrative Law in Malaysia sets out in clear and succinct language the applicable principles of Malaysian administrative law. This book contains the fruits of detailed study of Malaysian and foreign, principally English and Australian, court decisions. The analysis and discussion provided by the authors will assist students to grasp the basic as well as the more intricate aspects of administrative law. To aid learning, the text is rich in the facts of the leading cases and the judicial dicta explaining and applying the law to those cases. The substantive grounds of judicial review are explored and, where appropriate, readers are informed how the local law may differ from the position in major Commonwealth jurisdictions. 

Equity Trusts in Malaysia, 2Ed (SE)
Format: Print

Divided into three parts - Trusts, Trusteeship, and Remedies - this comprises 15 chapters. The part on Remedies (including equitable remedies) may also be of particular interest to students taking the Certificate in Legal Practice examination and legal practitioners as it highlights the application of and differences between damages in equity and damages at law, an area in which the law is actively developing within the Commonwealth. 
General Principles of Contract Law, 2Ed (SE)
Format: Print

This book serves as a general text covering all aspects of Contract Law, from formation, performance and breach to remedies. Presented in a style that is simple and easily understood, it is particularly useful for a quick grasp of the important principles of Malaysian Contract Law, including the reception of English Law. Detailed treatment is also given to the remedies of specific performance and injunctions.  
Islamic Family Law in Malaysia (SE)
Format: Print

This is a complete ad up-to-date textbook on Islamic family law in Malaysia. The topics are carefully surveyed and the discussion is adequately supported by legal sources and religious authorities. The views and practices of the different schools of thought are considered to ensure a comprehensive treatment of the issues that arise. The book also analyses legal reform and explains the principles of Islamic family law as they are applied in the legistlation of the various states in Malaysia. 

Law of Torts in Malaysia, 3Ed (SE)
Format: Print

This book is a valuable source of the basic legal principles of the law of torts in Malaysia and is a useful base from which to proceed to more advanced legal texts for further research. It has been written to provide its readers with a strong foundation in researching the law of torts in Malaysia. As this area of law is very much based on common law, the copious citation of case authorities from other common law jurisdictions should prove very useful. 

Legal Aspects of Sports in Malaysia (SE)
Format: Print

Author: Jady Zaidi Hassim

This book covers a comprehensive array of sports-legal topics such as civil and criminal liability, sexual harassment, match-fixing, anti-doping, employment contracts and issues in sports, intellectual property, image rights, and sports marketing legal issues; court cases and arbitral awards in the field of sports; and discussion on recent controversies in the national and international arena. It analyses and critically examines the latest sports development issues and various topics of interest which dominate the sporting world.  

Legal Research Methodology
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

This book is an accessible and instructive guide on the discipline of legal research, written with law students and researchers of law in mind, to address the difficulties both student and researcher may encounter in the conduct of the discipline of legal research. Authored by a dedicated academic with wide experience in conducting research and writing research proposals and reports, this book is an invaluable guide to aspiring researchers and law students as it provides useful practical and in-depth guidance on how legal research can be successfully carried out and reported.  

Malaysian Tort Law (SE)
Format: Print

This book presents a comprehensive coverage of tort law in Malaysia. Besides the tort of negligence which takes central focus, less common torts like wrongs in relation to legal process, breach of statutory duty, harassment, strict liability, liability for animals and intentional tort to the person a given due coverage. Other poopular ares of tort like nuisance, occupiers' liability, defamation and product liability are provided careful consideration. The topics of vicarious liability, remedies and applicable defences are explored in depth to complete the discussion in this book. 

Our Constitution
Format: Print

This book has been specially written to provide a good and clear understanding of the Malaysian Federal Constitution to all. Prepared by Malaysia’s acknowledged constitutional law expert, Shad Saleem Faruqi, it is a book full of valuable information on the intricacies of the workings of Malaysia’s supreme law. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of the subject, the author has prepared a text that is comprehensive, yet easy-to-read. For those needing more in-depth sources, relevant case authorities and provisions of the Constitution have been provided. 

The Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976: Commentary & Cases, 2Ed (SE)
Format: Print

This book makes available cases and materials on the Act to assist in its study and application. It provides insightful commentary on the provisions of the Act. Reference is made to related legislation which impact on the functioning of family law as it applies to non-Muslims in Malaysia. A vast body of case law both local and foreign, principally from England and Singapore, has been surveyed to prepare helpful summaries of the cases which shed light on the application of statutory provisions. The commentary also considers and provides views on issues and difficulties which have arisen in the application of the Act.  

An Introduction to Conventional & Islamic Corporate Finance (SE)
Format: Print

This book looks at the law and practice of corporate and investment finance through the conventional and Islamic perspectives. Conventional banking facilities covered include term loans, revolving credit facilities, syndicated facilities, trade financing and banker’s acceptance together with the relevant types of security. Various Islamic financing methods are looked at, such as Bai’ Bithaman Ajil, Istisna’, Ijarah, commodity Murabahah, Bai’ Al-Dayn and Al Qardh ul-Hasan. 

Competition Law in Malaysia (SE)
Format: Print

This book discusses the development and implementation of competition law in Malaysia, looking comprehensively at the powers and functions of the competition regulator, and the enforcement procedures of Malaysian competition law. Reference is made to competition decisions from other jurisdictions in analysing the provisions of the Competition Act 2010. The analysis covers how sector specific regulations are implemented and explains clearly the various types of anti-competitive practices that are controlled so as to ensure a vibrant business environment. 
Criminal Procedure in the Syariah Courts
Format: Print

This book provides a good introduction to the applicable Islamic criminal procedure law in the Syariah courts in Malaysia. It seeks to put together in a convenient volume relevant materials on this subject which impacts many segments of society everyday. The simple narrative style adopted in the text assists in the easy understanding of the subject matter, with regular reference made to relevant verses of the Qur’an and Hadith, statutory provisions and court decisions. 

Digital Copyright Law of Malaysia
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

This book examines the copyright issues arising in relation to digital technologies, including the internet, under the copyright law of Malaysia, with comparative reference to the law of other jurisdictions, namely, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Arguably the first of its kind in Malaysia, this book provides valuable information and guidance to legal advisors, copyright owners, business owners in the digital space, judges and policymakers. 

Laws Governing Clinical Practice in Malaysia
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

This book has been authored primarily for medical practitioners in Malaysia. Regular references are made to various legislation such as the Medical Act 1971, the Medical Regulations 2017, and the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016 which will help readers appreciate the statutory scheme regulating clinical practice in Malaysia. References are also made to guidelines like the Code of Professional Conduct by the Malaysian Medical Council.

Medical Negligence in Malaysia: Cases and Commentary, Second Edition (SE)
Format: Print

The First Edition, published in 2009, was the first book containing cases and commentaries of medical negligence in Malaysia, comprising the case law from 1960s to 2009. This Second Edition of the book continues to be the lead reference on medical negligence case law in Malaysia, providing a useful compilation of local medical negligence cases with additional updates of cases from 2010 to 2020.


Public International Law Simplified
Format: Print

The topic of public international law is complex and involves a multitude of sources, many of which may not be easily understood by the student, layman or beginner. This book serves to provide a simplified account of the legal principles governing public international law. It deals with that body of rules and regulations that govern legal relations between various states and international organisations. 

Undang-undang Media di Malaysia
Format: Print

Undang-undang Media di Malaysia merangkumi perbincangan tentang kebebasan bersuara dan media, terutamanya media massa, dan kawalan kebebasan media di Malaysia. Buku ini membincangkan isu-isu perundangan yang sering timbul dalam amalan kebebasan media, termasuk fitnah, hasutan, rahsia rasmi, percetakan dan penerbitan, penghinaan mahkamah, serta penapisan filem dan kelucahan, yang merangkumi aspek jenayah dan sivil. 

Intellectual Property Law in Malaysia, Second Edition (SE)
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

This book is a detailed work that gives a distinctively Malaysian account of the six areas of law that are conventionally accepted as falling under the rubric of intellectial property: the law of passing off, registered trademarks, copyright, patents, registered industrial designs and confidential information. It provides a basic but comprehensive account of the substantive rules that govern these areas of intellectual property law, with the focus being essentially on the Malaysian position. In treating intellectual property law as a coherent whole, this book enables the inter-relationship and the similarities that exist between the different areas to be better appreciated. 

Copyright Law in Malaysia, 2Ed (SE)
Format: Print

This book provides a full and authoritative analysis of cases, both local and international, on issues concerning copyright, as well as thorough discussion on important amendments to the copyright law made by the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012. Structured in 15 chapters, the book is replete with essential and analytical information on copyright law. Each topic is introduced by a helpful overview before key cases are presented. These local and international cases on copyright law have been carefully selected and are complemented by copious commentaries to elucidate on the wide range of issues that arise. 
Corporate Governance in Malaysia (SE)
Format: Print

This book is a timely publication calling for a fresh consideration of how corporations should function in this day and age. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, and a unique post-colonial, developing-country perspective, the reader is taken beyond the traditional, narrow conception of corporate governance focusing on shareholder protection, to a broader consideration of the enhancement of the interests of all stakeholders in the corporate enterprise. Theories and the law relating to corporate governance, how they influence or undermine one another, and how they apply in the real world are given thorough analysis.  

Education Law in Malaysia: Principles and Practice
Format: Print

This book looks at topics like duty of care and negligence, supervision in class and during outdoor activities, legal rights of students, student discipline, corporal punishment, misappropriation of school funds, management of school trust property, contractual obligations of schools and students, assessment of damages and legal status of teachers. This is a book which must be read by teachers, school administrators, students, parents and their legal advisers. It should be available for ready reference in every school and every public library in Malaysia. 
Human Rights Law: International, Malaysian and Islamic Perspectives (SE)
Format: Print

This book consists of 24 chapters, grouped under three parts, the work begins with an exploration of the nature, scope and effectiveness of the international legal framework for human rights (Part I – Human Rights Law: The International Framework). This is followed by an analysis of the Malaysian position in relation to the application of international human rights law and contemporary human rights issues in Malaysia (Part II – Malaysia and Human Rights: Traditions versus Universality). Finally, the work examines human rights from the Islamic perspective, elaborating the position of Shari’ah (Islamic law) in respect of human rights (Part III – Human Rights: Islamic Perspective).
Introduction to Law in Malaysia/Pengenalan kepada Undang-Undang di Malaysia
Format: Print

Introduction to Law in Malaysia provides a basic introduction to Malaysian law and Malaysia's legal system. All legal disciplines are embraced, from the principal areas of constitutional, administrative and criminal law to specialist fields such as employment law, law of contract and negligence. All these topics have been thoroughly analysed and a number of significant developments in the law have been incorporated. Informative, authoritative, current and fully cross-referenced throughout, this is an essential publication for those studying Malaysian law as it serves as a foundation to the quest for legal knowledge. 

Jurisprudens dan Teori Undang-Undang dalam Konteks Malaysia
Format: Print

This book gives students a valuable introduction to Malaysian jurisprudence and legal theory and includes discussions on natural law, Bentham's and Austin's imperative theories, Hart's sociological positivism, Dworkin's interpretive theory and Kelsen's pure theory of law. Also included is an overview of the historical and sociological schools of thought, American and Scandinavian realism as well as Islamic jurisprudence. In line with expansive developments in legal philosophy, feminist legal theory and the concept of justice also receive elucidating treatment. The inclusion of relevant examples of case law from the Malaysian body of jurisprudence makes this book a very useful guide for both students and academicians alike. 

Law and Practice of Arbitration in Malaysia, Second Edition
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

This book is an academic textbook on arbitration in Malaysia. This second edition considers the provisions of the Arbitration Act 2005 (AA 2005) as amended in 2011 and 2018 with reference to both local and foreign cases. The changes to the law introduced by the AA 2005 have been given due emphasis. The discussion is supported by reference to relevant statutory provisions as well as local and foreign case law. The working of the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration is considered. All essential areas of arbitration law and practice are covered to give the reader a good understanding. 
Malaysian Insurance Law (SE)
Format: Print

Malaysian Insurance Law provides comprehensive coverage of the three key areas of property insurance, life insurance and marine insurance. Written by authors with extensive industrial and research experience, the book serves as a handy, up-to-date guide on a technical subject for insurance professionals, and is equally useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as those seeking professional qualification through professional bodies such as the Malaysian Insurance Institute.

Malaysian Legal Systems: Questions and Answers
Format: Print

This book provides readers with the core explanation about the Malaysian legal system, for example, sources of law in Malaysia, concepts of constitutional supremacy and monarchy, separation of powers, doctrine of judicial precedent, court system, law-making processes, alternative dispute resolution and more. This book provides simplified yet comprehensive guidance for students and the layman to understand the current legal system in Malaysia and its developments. For law students, this book should serve as a useful revision resource in preparing to answer examination questions for the subject. 
Mediation Skills and Techniques: A Practical Handbook for Dispute Resolution and Effective Communication
Format: Print

Written by an experienced mediator, this book is presented in simple and concise language for easy reading. After introducing the concept of mediation and the nature of a mediation agreement, the book proceeds to cover specific techniques in mediating, including listening effectively, reframing questions, eliciting information, assessing the parties, creating rapport, generating and testing options, assessing body language as well as dealing with aggressive behaviour. 
Patent Law in Malaysia: Cases & Commentary, 2Ed (SE)
Format: Print

This book provides students with a full and authoritative analysis of cases, both local and international, on issues concerning patents, as well as a thorough review of important recent developments in the field of patent law. Structured in 12 chapters, the book is replete with essential and analytical information on patent law. Each topic is introduces by a clear overview before key cases are presented. These local and international cases on patent law have been carefully selected and are complemented by copious commentaries to throw light on the wide range of issues that arise. The commentaries, which are enlightening, thought-provoking and insightful, will assist students to have an in-depth and critical understanding of patent law. 
Prinsip-prinsip Asas Tort (Edisi Kedua)
Format: Print

Buku ini akan memberi pengetahuan asas, ringkas dan menarik tentang undang-undang tort. Tort asas seperti kecuaian, fitnah, kacau-ganggu, dan tort berniat kesemuanya dijelaskan dengan sistematik. Di akhir setiap bab, pembaca dijemput memikirkan tentang tort yang berkenaan untuk memantapkan lagi pemahaman dan analisa tentang tort tersebut. Buku ini amat berguna sebagai panduan asas pelajar-pelajar yang mempelajari undang-undang tort. Edisi baru ini mengambil kira perkembangan kes-kes mahkamah yang membawa penerangan dan arah baru. 
Sale of Goods Law in Malaysia (SE)
Format: Print

Presenting an in-depth exposition of the various topics under sale of goods law in prose that is clear, concies and readable, this book makes possible a good understanding of an aspect of law that often arises in many commercial transactions. The authors have drawn on their extensive experience in professional legal practice, teaching law in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia, as well as a track record of academic research and publication to prepare this useful reference on sale of goods law. Excerpts of leading judgments drawn from several common law jurisdictions are included to supplement the extensive reference to local cases in the context of the Sale of Goods Act 1957 in order to assist the reader to better appreciate the workings of the law in this area, obviating the necessity of looking around for a case book. 


The Life and Law of Fintech (DUO-PB)
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

This book covers the subject in a unique way combining the legal, business and operational aspects of FinTech through his broad experience as a practising lawyer, and a board member of a bank as well as of a listed technology-based company. This book takes you through the realm of financing covering both Islamic and conventional banking with an explanation of the history and analysis of the applicable legislation including;
  • the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007,
  • Securities Commission guidelines,
  • Central Bank legislation,
  • the Financial Services Act 2013,
  • the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013,
  • the Anti-Money Laundering,
  • Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLA)
  • the Companies Act 2016,
  • the Contracts Act 1950 and also related legislation in Asia, Europe and the United States. 


Undang-Undang Pendidikan di Malaysia
Format: Print

Undang-Undang Pendidikan di Malaysia mempertimbangkan topik-topik seperti kewajipan berjaga-jaga dan kecuaian, penyeliaan dalam kelas dan semasa kegiatan luar kelas, hak undang-undang pelajar, disiplin murid-murid, hukuman korporal, pelesapan dana sekolah, pengurusan harta amanah di sekolah, kewajipan kontrak sekolah dan juga murid-murid, penilaian ganti rugi dan status guru-guru di sisi undang-undang. Buku ini harus dibaca oleh guru-guru, pihak pentadbir sekolah, murid-murid, ibu bapa dan penasihat undang-undang mereka. Buku ini boleh digunakan sebagai rujukan tersedia di semua sekolah dan semua perpustakaan awam di Malaysia. 
Administration of Estates in Malaysia: Law and Procedure, Second Edition
Format: DUO (Print + ProView eBook)

This book is designed to provide a clear account of the theoretical and procedural framework relating to estates administration for both Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia. It focuses on the jurisdiction, scope and procedure for estates administration by the High Court, the Estate Distribution Section and the Public Trust Corporation (Amanah Raya Berhad), these being the three main administrative bodies responsible for estates administration in Malaysia. The procedures are visualised in the form of charts to illustrate the process flow of the administration process and sample forms are provided to serve as quick references of the process. 

Trademarks Law in Malaysia: Cases and Commentary, 2Ed (SE)
Format: Print

The book examines the registrability of trademarks, discusses the issues in trademark registration, explores the process of trademark application, and deals with the issues of trademark infringement as well as passing off. The authors also describe the types of remedies available to a trademark owner in the instance of unlawful use of his trademark, explain the issues on revocation of trademarks and elaborate on the concept of well-known marks.

This updated edition highlights the changes under the new Trademarks Act 2019, repealing the old Trade Marks Act 1976, including the reinforcement that a trademark is a proprietary right, and the criteria of being a well-known trademark under the new Act through decided cases.


Craig Administrative Law, 8th Edition
Format: Print

Administrative Law provides a detailed and clear examination of what is a conceptually difficult area of law. Craig’s thorough and contextual approach to the subject has prompted thought, discussion and understanding amongst all those interested in the subject. Craig highlights the central issues of each topic area, providing a grounding in the themes covered, before moving forward with a more detailed look at each aspect of the subject, making this an invaluable text for students and academics alike. 

Lloyd's: Introduction to Jurisprudence, 9th Edition
Format: Print

Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence is the leading textbook on jurisprudence in the English-speaking world, covering the whole field of jurisprudence.

  • Combines an authoritative text with extracts from a huge variety of authors, extracting the works of more than a hundred jurists
  • Gives critical insight into the texts with detailed and well-documented introductory sections
  • Contains a new chapter on Ronald Dworkin, analysing his work
  • Places emphasis on Hart, particularly the "Postscript" and the commentary this has provoked
  • Provides more references to contemporary debates e.g. positivism v natural law
  • Offers a fuller discussion of justice, including global justice 
Giliker: Tort, 7th Edition
Format: Print

Giliker's Tort law textbook presents an accessible and current picture of the law of torts and is ideal for those approaching the subject for the first time. The text succinctly covers all the major concepts in the law of torts and clearly illustrates how they work in practice by reference to the major cases in this field and the main statutory provisions. 

Treitel on The Law of Contract, 15th Edition
Format: Print

Treitel on the Law of Contract is recognised as the most thorough and discerning treatment of contract law. It is a widely adopted textbook for students and a valuable source of reference for practitioners. This new edition provides a clear and detailed analysis of an increasingly complex area of law. Treitel remains the most coherent, comprehensive and compelling analysis of contract law on the market. 

Glanville Williams: Learning the Law, 17th Edition
Format: Print

This book introduces students to the basic legal materials such as statutes and case law, and explains how these are to be read and interpreted in the light of common law doctrines of precedent

  • Explains how legal problems are to be solved and discussed in the examination room
  • Offers advice on study methods, exam preparation, time and stress management
  • Discusses the methods of legal research, and explains where to look for the law, both on paper and electronically
  • Covers participation in moots, mock trials and other competitions
  • Discusses employment prospects and gives advice on seeking and obtaining work
  • Provides recommendations for further reading within and outside the law 
Nutshells Contract Law, 10th Edition
Format: Print

This book is an essential revision and starter guide, presenting the essentials of the law in clear and straightforward language. Features such as diagrams and checklists make Nutshells easy to use, while the inclusion of model questions and answer plans help students test their knowledge. Nutshells are an essential revision aid and ideal for getting fully up to speed with a new subject. Enables the reader to gain a concise overview of the subject’s major theories, developments, cases and legislation – ideal for when the reader is new to a subject or needs to brush up before exams.

The Law of Evidence, 7th Edition
Format: Print

The Law of Evidence provides thorough analysis of the law of evidence, while placing the subject within its theoretical context. The work goes beyond other textbooks to explain the intricacies of the law of evidence while still remaining easy to understand. The information is presented in a logical structure following on from the introduction of the basic concepts through to the exclusionary rules of the law of evidence. It offers an integrated approach to evidence which includes essential doctrinal analysis. It takes account of evidence theory, psychological research on information processing and retrieval, socio-legal work on police investigations, and jury research projects. 

Clarkson & Keating: Criminal Law: Text and Materials, 10th Edition
Format: Print

Clarkson and Keating: Criminal Law examines the main principles and rules of criminal law and explores the theoretical bases upon which they are founded in an easily digestible text. The work combines the best features of a standard “textbook” with those of a “cases and materials” book to provide guidance and direction on the law, whilst presenting a substantial amount of key primary material selected from a diversity of sources. It includes extracts from cases and academic articles, carefully edited to make them accessible to students.



Cases and Materials on International Law, 9th Edition
Format: Print

This book provides a sound basis for any public international law course through an extensive selection of extracts and background information supplemented by authoritative commentary and expert analysis. It presents an extensive collection of cases, statutory provisions, recently published articles and comments designed to define, explain and illustrate the main principles of Public International law. The law is explained by means of extracts from cases, relevant materials and statutes. There are introductory sections and explanatory sections linking the cases and materials. 

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